Our commissions include houses designed from the ground up as well as renovations and interior design updates. By working hand in hand with architects and contractors, we are always insured of the best results.

Some of our clients know exactly what they want, and we deliver it. Others look for more direction, so we guide them through the design process and formulate their own aesthetic through a collaborative approach.

Tailored Engagements

In addition to full interior design services, we also offer tailored engagements, including:

  • furniture selection 
  • custom draperies 
  • furniture and lighting design 
  • space planning 
  • design planning 
  • interior styling – From furniture and fabric selection, to lighting and accessories, we use both your existing and newly sourced materials to transform living rooms, master suites, guest bedrooms, children’s rooms and nurseries, even outdoor living spaces.
  • move management – Whether incorporating current furnishings and accessories into a new residence or managing and overseeing the entire move process (i.e., packing, moving, unpacking), we have helped many clients change or add addresses. In addition to move logistics, we can help coordinate necessary drapery and furniture installations or even renovations to existing spaces. Our move management goal is to ensure that your new environment is ready for your enjoyment when you first arrive.